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Working At Height (W@H) Solutions are an electrical engineering service provider that is committed to providing its clients with an effective and efficient work scope across the oil and gas industry ...

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Company Profile

Working At Height (W@H) Solutions aim to be a leading international service provider for electrical work scopes in the oil and gas industry ... more

Why Choose W@H

Why choose W@H Solutions Offshore ... more

Our Services Include ...

W@H Main Disciplines ...

Electrical Rope Access

Electrical Rope Access, Maintenance, Ex Inspection & commissioning ...

Electrical/Safety Train'

With over 20 years service to the quarry, cement and process industry ...

Anchor Install & Testing

W@H are qualified in the installation, testing and certification ...

Fibre Install & Testing

W@H are proficient in the install, termination, connection, testing & certification of fibre optic ...

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E-mail: info@wah-solutions.com

About Us ...

We supply both rope-access and ground based Technicians for the complete electrical engineering service within the offshore and onshore sectors. Our Technicians are highly competent with extensive experience working in the oil and gas industry. Our company procedures have been compiled and are maintained in accordance with other industry specific procedures to help ensure that we are working to the highest possible standards at all times.

Our teams of Technicians are COMPLEX certified. This provides our clients with a valuable asset in the maintenance/construction division offshore. Our Rope Access Technicians follow IRATA guidelines for a safe and effective means of carrying out their specific work scopes for our clients.

We supply a wide range of services to meet our clients needs and objectives. W@H Solutions can offer all trade requirements with an onshore support team, tailored to clients needs in terms of feedback, information and progress.


Working At Height (W@H) Solutions

Offshore & Onshore

Company Profile ...

We deliver services through three divisions ... Inspection, Maintenance and Construction. Our electrical engineers are of the highest quality and have a wide range of experience in the petrochemical industry. Our teams have gained over 10 years combined experience in the provision of Construction, Inspection and Maintenance in this field.

All projects will have a carefully selected team of Technicians headed by a focal point/supervisor, supported by an experienced project manager. They can be deployed individually or in teams tailored for the job description. Our teams create milestones, which helps track and maintain the progress of the job/task being undertaken.

Working At Height (W@H) Solutions have adopted a predictive managerial style which allows us to anticipate problems if they arise and can provide a suitable, sufficient contingency plan if needed. Our offshore Technicians are committed to doing things correct first time and plan ahead to help prevent delivering a sub standard service. We endeavor to fulfill and stay true to our contracts, whilst striving to meet deadlines effectively, efficiently and most of all safely.

Paul Burgess (Director)

Additional information

Glossary of Terms ...

  • EX - Hazardous Areas - These are defined by three main criteria:
    - The type of hazard.
    - The likelihood of the hazard being present in flammable concentrations.
    - The (auto) ignition temperature of the hazardous material.
    The type of hazard (groups) - The hazard will be in the form of a gas, vapour, dust or fibre.

    Gases and Vapours - Gases and vapours are categorised in terms of their ignition energy or the maximum experimental safe gap (in respect of flameproof protection). This categorisation leads to the Gas Groups:

    ATEX - EC-Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 95)
    The ATEX 95 is a so called "new approach" directive, which provides the technical requirements for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

    The basic principles of ATEX 95:
  • - Fixing only essential health and safety requirements.
    - Technical details in harmonised standards CEN/CENELEC.
    - Application of standards is not mandatory.
  • - Conformity assessment procedures (modules).
    - CE-marketing mandatory.
    - Total harmonisation.

    Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) made this a mandatory requirement and increased the standards necessary to ensure the competency of personnel, thereby increasing workplace safety in potentially hazardous environments.

    IRATA is the sole global trade association in the work-at-height sector. Industrial rope access has been developed by IRATA in the last 20 years to a point where it is the chosen means of access for much of the work in the offshore oil and gas industry as well as a range of projects in construction.

Why Choose W@H Solutions Offshore ...

- W@H Solutions Offshore strive to meet deadlines effectively, efficiently and most of all safely.
- Our electrical technicians have a minimum term of 5 years experience.
- All employees are up to date with all health and safety certificates.
- Qualifications of our teams are of the highest standard and up to date.
- Communication throughout our teams is the key to our success by keeping everyone in touch   with the status of the ongoing project.
- We remember that our ethics are one of our priorities.
- W@H Solutions technicians and teams can adapt quickly to changing situations and be able to   change plans if required, successfully and efficiently.
- Our technicians always lead by example.
- Creating milestones for our teams helps track and maintain the progress of the jobs/tasks being   undertaken.
- We have adopted a predictive managerial style which allows us to anticipate problems if they   arise and can provide a suitable sufficient contingency plan if needed.
- All W@H Solutions Offshore.
- Management and Technicians are committed to doing things right first time and plan ahead to   help prevent delivering a sub standard service.
- We endeavor to fulfill and stay true to our contracts.

Benefits ...


There are many benefits speaking for rope access. Unlike traditional access methods, custom designed rope access solutions can be utilised to fit various applications. Among other benefits, rope access is:


Rope access professionals can apply the techniques to a wide variety of environments, from confined-space penstocks to tower structures to complicated steel installations.


Rope access is very economical. Because fewer personnel can accomplish faster completion it means minimal downtime which effecitively means lower costs.

Efficient and Quick

Rope access systems are installed and dismanteled quickly and require fewer personnel than traditional methods. Less interference with other facility operations means less disruptions and minimised downtime.

Environmentally friendly

Rope access techniques and equipment has minimal effect on the surrounding environment compared to traditional access methods.


Independently certified rope access technicians uphold an exceptional safety record which makes it one of the safest jobs in the whole construction industry.

Ethos & Guarantees ...


Rope access techniques provide a cost effective alternative to traditional access methods for projects that would normally have access costs as a significant proportion of the overall budget.

Our specialist methods can be used to bring borderline projects well within the bounds of financial viability by significantly cutting access costs. This enables our clients to achieve greater value and flexibility.

- Safety First
- Highly Efficient
- Highly Professional
- Cost Effective
- Friendly & Reliable

General ...

PPJ Global has a varied portfolio of experience within the power, electrical control and instrumentation fields from both commercial, industrial and off shore sectors:

- High voltage network management
- Electrical design
- Project management
- Electrical installation
- Inspection and testing
- Maintenance systems management
- Site services, including underground service location
- Control & instrumentation alarm & trip testing
- Process instrumentation calibration, maintenance and repair
- PLC control systems
- Commissioning

"Rope Access" describes a variety of advanced access techniques which use ropes and specialised equipment as the primary method for providing access and support to workers in their jobs at high or hard-to-reach places. Our aim is to provide a professional electrical service to maintain continual development of your electrical resources.

Main Disciplines ...


Rope access techniques combined with our electrical expertise provides a cost effective alternative to traditional access methods for electrical projects projects that would normally have access costs as a significant proportion of the overall budget. Our specialist methods can be used to bring borderline projects well within the bounds of financial viability by significantly cutting access costs. This enables our clients to achieve greater value and flexibility.

Electrical Maintenance

At W@H WE aim to provide a high standard of electrical maintenance on all types of installations, maintaining the systems integrity and performance.

Electrical EX Inspection

Along with the initial installation of EX equipment W@H can also provide Visual, close and detailed inspections with schedules and registers of EX Rated equipment.

Electrical Commissioning

After the installation / testing phases of the job are complete W@H will commission and certify all works carried out ensuring the process is running effectively and efficiently to optimize productivity.

Main Disciplines ...


With over 20 years service to the quarry, cement and process industry, and the company has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in many areas of electrical engineering and health & safety policies and legislation.

Our trainers have gained experience from traditional industry apprentice routes through to specific industrial experience, whilst still having experience of teaching in the academic environment.

The company has a varied portfolio of experience within the power, electrical control and instrumentation fields from both commercial and industrial sectors.
- High voltage network management
- Electrical design and Project management
- Electrical installation, Inspection and testing
- Maintenance systems management
- Site services, including underground service location
- Control & instrumentation alarm & trip testing
- Process instrumentation calibration, maintenance and repair
- PLC control systems and Commissioning

Our aim is to provide targeted training to maintain continual development of your electrical resources.

W@H Training provides
- On-your-site training. Let us come to you and save you the journey
- Expert support to employers and individuals in identifying and meeting their training needs
- Flexible training programs accommodating pressures of production demands and shift patterns
- Weekend training courses for those who can't have weekday's off

Business support in the form of Electrical and Health & Safety advice and training.

Main Disciplines ...


W@H are qualified in the installation, testing & certification of Petzl Mechanically & chemically fall arrest Eyebolt anchors BS EN 795: 1997 class A1 anchors in accordance with BS 7883 2005. These anchors are suitable for work positioning, fall arrest, restraint, rope access & rescue. Eyebolts & anchors offer the user protection from a possible fall from height whilst carrying out hazardous external works such as window cleaning, building maintenance, inspection, rope access & pest control. W@H can provide and install a comprehensive range of removable or fixed eyebolts and single point anchors for use in Concrete, Masonry, brick & steel. All anchors can be installed either internally or externally. Anchors used are manufactured from high tensile steel with either a galvanized or plastic coated finish or bright polished grade 316 stainless steel.

Installation: Installation should be carried out in accordance with BS 7883:2005 - Application & Use of Anchor Devices Conforming to BS EN 795 and Appendix A of BS EN 795:1997 - Protection Against Falls From A Height - Anchor Devices - Requirements & Testing. All installations carried out by W@H will include the full test procedure described below In the case of Anchor Devices installed into brickwork, concrete and masonry a 6kN axial load test of 15 seconds must be performed to ensure the integrity of the fixing. Through fixings require a torque setting of 35Nm.

Pre-use inspection: Prior each occasion of use, anchor devices are visually inspected & checked, in accordance with manufacturers instructions. It should be performed by competent personnel.

Inspection: At least once every 12 months each anchor device should be subjected to a periodic examination in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. If used for rope access purposes, anchor devices come under the Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which requires an examination period to be every 6 months. Anchor devices that have been previously installed that are not used on a regular basis should not be used unless they have been inspected within the previous 12 months (or 6 months for rope access) Suitable labels will also be provided clearly showing the date of next inspection and the use that the anchor is intended. [Fall Arrest Only][Rope Access Only][For work Positioning & Restraint] For connection of personal fall protection equipment to anchor devices, connectors conforming to BS EN 362 should be used, Advice detailing this is given in BS 843

Main Disciplines ...


W@H are proficient In the installation, termination, connection, testing and certification of Fibre optic cables.

Fibre Optics are cables made up of super-thin filaments of glass or other transparent materials that can carry beams of light. Because a fiber-optic cable is light-based, data can be sent through it at the speed of light. Using a laser transmitter that encodes frequency signals into pulses of light, ones and zeros are sent through the cable. The receiving end of the transmission translates the light signals back into data which can be read by a computer.

Because fiber-optics are based entirely on beams of light, they are less susceptible to noise and interference than than other data-transfer mediums such as copper wires or telephone lines. However, the cables are fragile and are usually placed underground, which makes them difficult and expensive to install. Some fiber-optic cables are installed above ground, but if they break, they often need to be completely replaced, which is not cheap. While copper wires can be spliced and mended as many times as needed, it is much harder to fix glass fiber-optic cables.

Latest News ...

- Working At Height (W@H) Solutions launches new website.
- Check back for more updates soon ...

Careers ...

We are always looking to add to our talanted team of Rope Access Technicians.
We have opportunities for levels 1, 2 and 3 and also COMPEX certified electricians.
Please email all relevant CV's to info@wah-solutions.com

"Safety is paramount in every task undertaken no matter how small the task!"

Cement Manufacture ...

  • As part of a £6.4m kiln expansion project, to increase production by 25% from 800k TPA to 1m TPA, several extra cables of several hundred metres was required to be installed. These ranged from fibre-optic to control and power cables. The challenge faced by the project engineers was how to install the cables from the MCC panel in the substation to the field device(s) utilising the existing cable ladders and keeping costs to a minimum. The cable run consisted of vertical ladders within a cable gantry arrangement and a vertical run of 250ft over 6 floors of the pre-heater tower. The commissioning of the plant modifications had to be done during a 4-week shutdown period. Therefore all the new cables had to be installed beforehand whilst the plant was running. Access was required to the cable management systems to install the cables. Several options were considered based on cost, access and safety.

    - Poor access restricted getting the MEWP to the area of work.
    - The cable run was too complex to employ just one type of MEWP.
    - Large area restriction zones required which could impede maintenance & process operations.

    - A landing would have to be installed every 2.5m to allow for the dressing in of the cables.
    - Excessive man-hours required to errect/dismantle scaffolding in advance of plant shutdown.
    - The scaffold would most likely restrict maintenance and process operations.
    - As well as the scaffolding team, an electrical team would have to be employed to install cables.

    Rope Access
    - Personnel are time-served industrial electricians eliminating requirement for scaffolding teams.
    - Man-hours are reduced to an absolute minimum.
    - Ropes dismantled shift end & re-rigged start of next shift lifting any work area restriction zone.
    - All our access equipment requires minimal storage space - it all fits into a holdall.
    - Rope access is not likely to interfere with any production requirements.
    - Very minimal restriction zones required.

    W@H Solutions provided the solution, with a team of rope access technicians. All time served electricians, able to install & dress the cables quicker than errecting the scaffold alone!

ATOX Raw Mill Belt Weighers ...

  • Power and signal cables were required for two new belt weighers as part of a waste reduction process project.

    The vertical section of the cable run was approximately 15 to 20 metres off the ground, directly above a ground mounted vibrating screen.

    To scaffold up to the ladder rack would have meant errecting the scaffold around the screen. This would have restricted access to the screen should maintenance be required or blockages to be removed. There was no access possible for a MEWP.

    The ATOX Raw Mill is scheduled to be shut down for maintenance for 12 hour periods on a weekly basis. Working At Height (W@H) Solutions were able to coincide with the down day and install the cables using rope access techniques for working at height.

    The working at height operation was completed during the 12 hour window.

Offshore Electrical Services ...

  • W@H Solutions Rope Access teams are all qualified in different areas of expertise, including Electrical Technicians who are able to complete high level electrical works using industrial abseil techniques.

    Our electrical teams are all Compex City and Guilds or equivalent Qualified Technicians
    - Cable Management/Secondary routing installation, inc bracketing, ladder racking & tray-work.
    - Cable installations, inc pulling dressing, final banding, terminating & testing.
    - Flood-Lighting maintenance & installation.
    - Fire & Gas detection system installation & maintenance.

    W@H Solutions supply a wide range of operations and work scopes globally, which include maintenance, design, installation & inspection of all electrical equipment including:
    - Electrical Project Management.
    - Electrical Survey.
    - New Electrical installations & upgrades.
    - Cable Management/Secondary routing installation, inc bracketing, ladder racking & Tray-work.
    - Cable installations, inc pulling dressing, final banding, terminating & testing.
    - Flood-Lighting maintenance & installation.
    - Instrumentation (installation & maintenance).
    - CCTV and public address systems.
    - Fire & Gas detection equipment (installation & maintenance).
    - Lighting (installation & maintenance).
    - Trace heating and electrical support systems.
    - Commissioning and decommissioning of all electrical equipment and appliances.
    - Thorough planned preventative maintenance programs.
    - EX audits and/or EX registers to conform with European ATEX directive ATEX 95 & 137.
    - Rigging.
    - NDT Inspections.

    For more information Contact Us today and our Operations Department will be happy to assist.

    "Performance is only relevant when performed safely!"

Offshore Electrical Services ...

  • A

Onshore Services ...

        • Facilities Management Building Services
          - Visual Inspection of building exteriors, interiors, bridges, etc...
          - Structural integrity visual inspections. - Non-Destructive testing/inspection (N.D.T).
          - Glazing Inspection Replacement & Repair Services Repair Fitting & Maintenance.

          Rope Access - Photographic & High Definition Video Surveys
          W@H Solutions rope access team are able to provide photographic and video surveys of all types of structures, buildings and environment throughout the UK and worldwide.
          Photographic and video surveys are a useful tool for Building & Project Managers who need to assess the extent of damage to buildings and structures suffering for a multitude of reasons.
          Carrying out this type of survey enables speedy assesments to be made without the expense of scaffold, which would be a costly option for the period of time it would take to carry out the process. W@H Solutions offer a scaffolding service as well as an extensive range of working at height options, including MEWP, which can be utilised to carry out the works after the survey has been completed.

          Rope Access High Level Cleaning
          W@H Solutions have a specialist team of cleaning personnel who are able to provide cleaning in areas difficult to access. Cleaning Services carried our are:
          - Exterior & Interior building cleaning. - Gutter & Roof maintenance service.
          - General Window cleaning. - Windows & Facades. - Cleaning & Painting.
          - High leavel beams. - Potential dropped object sweeps (PDO).
          - Silo cleaning. - Pressure washing. - Full Service preparation. - Pointing.

          Maintenance & Installations
          - External/Internal roof, gutters & atrium surveys. - Debris & Vegetation removal.
          - Facia/Facade survey-maintenance. - Bridge Inspections & Surveys. - Civil Engineering tasks.
          - Advertising banners, signage & Bill Board Installation, maintenance & removal.
          - Concert/Event lighting & rigging. - Safety netting. - Fixtures/Fittings installation & maint'.

          Bird Control
          - Bird Spikes. - Bird netting. - Bird fouling, removal & cleaning. - Pest alarm systems.

Offshore Electrical Services ...

  • A
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